• Fish Food Online Gift Card

    Fish Food Online Gift Card

    Whether its a Birthday, Christmas or just Love Buy your beloved hobbyist a Gift Card from Fish Food Online and see their surprise. Fill in the details in our checkout below and we will email you a Gift Card immediately.  

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  • Okiko Platinum Head Huncher

    Okiko Platinum Head Huncher

    OKIKO PLATINUM HEAD HUNCHER & COLOUR FASTER Improves Digestion & Water quality  Feeding will induce greater development of head growth. Head’s shape can also be more contoured.   Features : – Okiko platinum is a unique formulated fish feed to induce speedy head growth for all Flower Horn Breed. – The feed is high in […]

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  • Betta Scoop

    Betta Scoop

    Original Thai Handmade Betta Scoop These scoops are handmade and designed to prevent stress and fin damage for Bettas, Guppies, and other fish during water changes, or transferring from one tank to another. When the fish is scooped out with this net, the water stays in the net with the fish; therefore preventing the fish […]

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  • Kenta by CZ Aquaproducts

    Kenta by CZ Aquaproducts

    Kenta by CZ Aquaproducts (150g) Kenta is a medicated food pellet created to prevent early stages of ‘Bloat’ in your goldfish. The medication that is mixed in with the pellet food had been used in Thailand by veterinarians to treat early signs of bloat for many generations. Not only is Kenta food pellet infused with […]

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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our website. As one of your elected representatives of Fish Food Online, we would like to welcome new and old customers alike and continue to offer you the best service and prices possible. We have added a few new services to our website. We now […]