CR#8 by White Crane


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CR#6 by White Crane

C.R. # 8

A Yellow color enhancer, a new vitamin with yellow chlorophyll for feeding to yellow color fish.

C.R. #8 will increase yellow color to all yellow fish, such as golden Arowana, golden gourami, golden Oscars, golden discus, cichlids, and etc.

Fish will eat and grow well.

C.R. #8. Can be used on breeder fish as well, without any side effect.

Usage :
1 spoon ( 1 gram)
Live Feed: Use  1-2 spoons  to 100-gram live  feed,  such  as  daphnia,  shrimp  egg,  shrimp  meat,  tubifex  worm,  etc,
On dry feed: dosage  should  be  increased  to  3-4  spoons  per 100-gram feed,

Recommendation: Dilute Vitamin to 150 cc water and mix well to dry food, air dry and keep in refrigerator if not consumed

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10g, 100g


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