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CZ Clear


Lab certified medicine for treating white feces disease found in crossbreed fish. The white feces are normally caused by bacteria, Protozoa & internal parasites. The white capsule is prescribed for killing intestinal worms & infections. Functions by killing sensitive parasites. The Yellow capsule is prescribed for gastrointestinal killing bacteria in the intestinal tract, it keeps ammonia levels low. Used to treat small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

How to use:

The medication consists of yellow and white capsules and it comes with a 1ml syringe.

1. Siphon using the syringe 1ml of normal tap water. Inject the 1ml of water into a bottle cap or small container.

2. Open a yellow & white capsule. Pour the powder into a bottle cap or small container; Mix until both medications has blended into the waters content.

3. Then using the syringe siphon the component.

4. Lay a soaked towel on a table or bench. Capture the intended fish for treatment by laying it on its side.

5. Measure how deep the syringe should go into the fish by placing the syringe side by side. (Mouth to the stomach).

6. Once you know how deep the syringe has to go in. Slowly penetrate the syringe in via the mouth. Wiggle until it reaches the stomach of the fish. (A good way is to wait for the fish to breathe before you try to wiggle the syringe in deeper). Please note: To go deep enough without (Knocking the Fish Stomach).

7. When it has reached its ideal Target / Location. Slowly Inject the Clear solution into the fish being treated.

8. Place fish back into the tank. Within 24Hrs, you should see the results of treatment.

9. Please make sure to cleanse fish waste out of the tank. (Use white Cotton Balls)


Fish Less than 10 cm: 1 yellow capsule, 1 white capsule, and 1ml water. Fish 10 cm or bigger: 2 yellow capsules, 2 white capsules, and 2ml of water.

For minor cases, 1 treatment is more than enough. The fish will start to eat food straight after, as parasites will be out of their system.

In severe cases– treat you fish for 5 consecutive days. During the administration of the medication, make sure to do daily water changes (about 30-50%) and remove waste/feces. On the 6th day, try to feed your fish. When the feces colour has changed back to normal colour, treatment can be stopped.


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