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Kenta by CZ Aquaproducts (150g)

Kenta is a medicated food pellet created to prevent early stages of ‘Bloat’ in your goldfish.

The medication that is mixed in with the pellet food had been used in Thailand by veterinarians to treat early signs of bloat for many generations.

Not only is Kenta food pellet infused with medication, but it is made with high-quality ingredients, such as Krill, Squid, Vitamins and Minerals, for a balanced diet.

Kenta is also a color enhancer, which has high-grade astaxanthin, that is added in a controlled amount.

You may mix Kenta with any other food pellets to use as the main food source, a 50/50 blend.

Or, you may feed 100% Kenta as a feeding for three days per week.

Best used before a few days before doing water changes.

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Sinking, Floating


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