UHT Fish Food


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UHT Fish Food

UHT Fish Food for all types of fish. Can feed this food from fry to adult. Start with Bio Artemia, then Water Fleas and then the Black Mosquito Larvae

Just open the lid and feed direct to your fish.

Once opened store in fridge for 1 – 2 months.

Left unopened the product will stay fresh for 12 months

All freshly vacuum packed in glass pots.

Bio Artemia (35g)

This is an excellent starter food for your new born fry.

Artemia are a superlative food for starting a large number of aquatic larvae…fish, newts, salamanders, frogs…even shrimp do very well on newly hatched baby brine shrimp

The eggs are hatched and separated from the shell measuring a length of approximately 0.40 – 0.52 millimetres making them an ideal size for newly hatched fry.

Water Fleas – Moina Macrocopa (75g)

Water Fleas are a highly nutritious food to feed your tropical fish.

Moina Macrocopa are small, freshwater crustaceans that can be found all over the world in freshwater lakes, streams, and ponds.

They are an excellent source of fish food due to their high protein content.

Black Mosquito Larvae (75g)

Black Mosquito larvae are a good alternative for many different species of fish, especially those that have difficulties in digesting the hemoglobin in bloodworms. This phenomenon is typical in many African Cichlids. It will add variety to your fish’s diet, without the risk of the disease normally associated with feeding live food. Additionally, black mosquitoes contain high levels of vitamins that help to trigger spawning in some species.

Fairy Eggs

The most popular food for fry and small fish.
A simple way to have live food every day.

Soak in the water (not water with chlorine)
Wait for them to hatch in 15-24 hours.
No need for oxygen
No need for salt

99% hatch rate



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Bio Artemia, Water Fleas, Black Mosquito Larvae, Fairy Eggs, Pack of all 4


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